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Despite the fact that liquid wallpaper is an easy-to-use, relevant, ergonomic decorative material, today it is difficult to call it very popular, in particular among consumers in our country. To a greater extent, this happens because many buyers simply do not know what it is, how convenient it is to work with it, and what special properties distinguish liquid wallpaper from many other materials that have become familiar. It should be noted that the term “liquid wallpaper” is predominantly used in the CIS countries . In Europe, they are most often called “silk decorative plaster” or “universal cladding for ceilings and walls.”

Until the creation of the Bioplast company and, in fact, the production of liquid wallpaper, these products in our country were represented only by foreign companies. Then, due to the rather high cost, it was quite problematic to purchase them. Today, despite the fact that residents of our country have only just begun to appreciate the relevance and ease of use of liquid wallpaper, the Bioplast products available to many have already proven themselves exclusively on the positive side.

Technologists from the manufacturer of liquid wallpaper Bioplast have done a tremendous job of creating various textures and colors so that the selection of products, numbering more than a hundred types, can satisfy the needs of even the most demanding customer. It is important that all models comply with international quality requirements; this, by the way, is confirmed by the necessary certificates.

As specialist decorators note, liquid wallpaper:
Bioplast is a textile finishing material of the latest generation .
It can be applied to walls and ceilings, and the surface can be of any shape: sphere, column, arch, etc. The variety of models presented in our store allows us to qualitatively design the interiors of both socially significant, public and residential premises.

Of course, working with modern decorative materials requires certain knowledge and skills. However, finishing work using Bioplast liquid wallpaper does not present any difficulty even for a person far from construction.

It is worth highlighting the main advantages of working with liquid wallpaper from this company:
— no need to “adjust” the surface to an ideal state;
— there are no dyes in the composition, and there are also no components hazardous to health;
— this finishing material is able to hide small imperfections and small cracks in the surface prepared for work;
- fragmentary repairs can be carried out: it is enough to remove the damaged or contaminated part with a spatula or a stationery knife, after which a new composition must be applied to this place;
— in case of possible shrinkage of the building or the formation of small cracks, the elasticity of these wallpapers does not allow them to tear or deform;
— have a pronounced antistatic property, do not attract dust particles, and do not absorb odors; exhibit anti-flammability properties.

Thus, we can safely say that the relevance of Bioplast liquid wallpaper will only increase from year to year. Today our store offers you to take advantage of an excellent offer and purchase high-quality Bioplast wallpaper, the beauty and functionality of which will delight you for many years.

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